We would like to thank you all for an amazing turnout for our Nutcracker auditions. We have nearly 80 dancers slated to perform and we haven't even held our make-up auditions yet! What amazing commitment you all have shown to sign on to what we feel will be a wonderful show and learning opportunity for your dancer.

We would like to share some very important upcoming information with you:

Dancer/Parent Meeting and Potluck - September 20, 2:30pm

  • On September 20, at 2:30 pm, we need all of our students and parents to join each other, your RDC board and our artistic directors for our mandatory parent meeting. During this meeting, you will be given committee assignments, receive an overview of the rehearsal schedule and (for some) have the first look at costumes. This meeting is considered mandatory.
  • Although considered mandatory, the board would like to make this a more social event. A potluck is a more fun way to create new friends and get to know the families that we will all be working with until December, so please bring a munchie or dish to share.
  • The board will supply paper products and water but bring your favorites and let's get to know each other!!


  • We are looking for a fundraising chairperson team and will brainstorm fundraising ideas at the potluck/meeting.

Dancer Roles/Rehearsal Schedule

  • We are certain that you are curious as to what role your dancer has been given. This information will be up on our website the morning of the parent meeting as well as posted at the studio the same afternoon.
  • We hope to have the rehearsal schedule up at that time as well.
  • Sara will begin first rehearsals on September 26. Time to be announced.

Production Participation Fees

  • One change the board has made to ensure your students participation as well as to help our artistic directors have a firm commitment to each role in the show is to expect all production participation fees paid in full by the weekend of September 26. We will accept payment for the production participation fee in all payment forms cash, credit or check. 

RDC Facebook Page and Website

  • We plan to Use Facebook more and more for reminders and fun photos, show promotion and information so please “like” the RDC Facebook page so you are in the loop that way too.


  • All the participation forms and dancer release statement will also be available for download on the RDC website to fill out and bring to the meeting.


We are looking forward to a great show!  See you on September 20th at 2:30!!